DoChat – a Dockerized WeChat PC Windows client for Linux

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DoChat /dɑɑˈtʃæt/ 盒装微信

DoChat(盒装微信) is a Dockerized WeChat(微信) PC Windows Client for Linux.

Image Credit: Docker 101 + Icon Finder , and Ps-ed by Ruoxin Song


WeChat PC will be started on your Linux desktop by running the following one-line command:

curl -sL // | bash

Just copy/paste the above one-line command to your terminal and press Enter. Then the WeChat PC should appear in your XWindows desktop shortly.


It just works out-of-the-box with one-line of shell command!



sudo apt update && apt install

Environment Variables


If you do not want to update docker image at startup everytime, you can set DOCHAT_SKIP_UPDATE environment variable.

curl -sL // \
  | DOCHAT_SKIP_UPDATE=true bash

In case you have downloaded :



Show more debug log messages.

curl -sL // \
  | DOCHAT_DEBUG=true bash

For Hackers

If you want to control everything by yourself, for example, open multiple WeChat PC client on your desktop; then, you might want to inspect the in our repository and try the following docker command:

docker run \
  --name DoChat \
  --rm \
  -i \
  -v "$HOME/DoChat/WeChat Files/":'/home/user/WeChat Files/' \
  -v "$HOME/DoChat/Applcation Data":'/home/user/.wine/drive_c/users/user/Application Data/' \
  -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
  -e XMODIFIERS=@im=fcitx \
  -e GTK_IM_MODULE=fcitx \
  -e QT_IM_MODULE=fcitx \
  -e GID="$(id -g)" \
  -e UID="$(id -u)" \
  --ipc=host \
  --privileged \

Modify it whatever you want to fulfill your needs.

Known Issues

In-WeChat Browser does not work ( #2 )

To-do List

Permanent Storage for WeChat PC Login Data Information ( #3 ) Automatically install WeChat PC from .EXE installer when building the Dockerfile. (Test Automation tools might be needed) Monitor WeChat PC version publications so that we can publish the same version number of the docker image with it.


1 System Tray Icon with Gnome Desktop

Install Gnome Extension: Top Icons Plus Git


Input Method don't work when using X11Forward Input method related environment variables Docker GUI最佳实践 Linux 下 完美运行 wechat 微信



v0.4 (Feb 21, 2020)

Got a great logo from my art friend Ruoxin SONG.

    Fix Sound ( #1 ) Fix to not exit during the upgrading progress.

v0.2 (Feb 18, 2020)

The first working version, cheers!

v0.1 (Feb 17, 2020)

Project created.


    基于深度操作系统的微信 docker 镜像 by @bestwu DoChat logo designed by my friend Ruoxin SONG.


Huan LI ( 李卓桓 )

Copyright & License

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